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IBR Pipe Gorakhpur | Industrial IBR Pipes Near Gorakhpur

IBR Pipe Gorakhpur

IBR Pipe Details

  • Name: IBR Pipes  
  • Brand: Ps Steel
  • Material: Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Location: Gorakhpur
  •  Size: Varies depending on the application or Customize
  • Color: Grey, Silver IBR Pipes, White, and Natural Color.
  • Schedule: SCH 10s to SCH XXs
  • SS Shape: Round Pipe, Square Pipe, Rectangular Pipe
  • Types: Hex nipple, close nipple, barrel nipple, long barrel nipple, etc.

IBR Pipes Application Supplier, Stockist in Gorakhpur:

Our IBR pipes (Boiler Pipes) are widely used in a variety of industrial applications, including food and beverage production, chemical plants, paper mills, water treatment facilities, and road tankers. Furthermore, the IBR pipe exhibits robust resistance to nitric and phosphoric acids. Pipe is specifically used in the manufacturing of equipment meant to operate in severely corrosive conditions, in marine applications, and in chemical processing. High-quality IBR pipes are required by numerous different industries, such as the nuclear, shipbuilding, petroleum, power generation, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical, and water supply from Gorakhpur.

These IBR pipes are highly recommended for a variety of applications including analytical and process instruments, plant services, and the CNG Industry. We have a variety of end styles for our pipe fittings, ensuring rapid and tight couplings in pipelines. These pipes show exceptional resilience against pollutants, corrosion, and severe weather. As a result, the sector guarantees consistent, clean fluid or gaseous flow.

Industrial area Gorakhpur is a famous city of Uttar Pradesh, most of the industries are built here but here some people need metal material but they are not able to buy it, so we give you the material for those needs which includes IBR pipes and pipe fittings.

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IBR Pipes Supplier Gorakhpur:

We provide a wide range of metal products that are useful for PS Steel boiler Pipe Supplier and Dealers in any sector. You can deal with some of them, which are metal things, by getting in touch with us from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

You can perform pipe work more easily because we have a wide variety of pipe products. IBR pipes, Ss slot pipes, MS pipe, Jindal pipe, Ps pipe, steel pipes, pipe fittings, IBR sheets, SS seamless pipe, and SS pipe are just a few of the well-known items that Manufacturer primarily offers.

Ps Steel IBR pipes and tubes are used in the oil and gas industry for their high strength and corrosion resistance properties. PS Steel SS Pipe Exporter and Manufacturer are used in oil and gas drilling, production, and transportation.

PS Steel is the most reliable steel trader in India. You can easily deal with pipe and pipe fittings by getting in touch with them via their website or other channels if you need any kind of service. All varieties of steel pipes are accessible here; all you need to do is visit their official website. IBR matte finish pipes, IBR oval pipes, IBR railing pipes, IBR seamless pipes, square pipes, IBR curtain pipes, IBR slot pipes, rectangular pipes, IBR colour pipes, and other products are among our most popular items.

Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe
SS Pipe

Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe

Send Enquiry Steel Pipe Details Property Specification Material: Mild Steel Type: Seamless Standard: ASTM A106/A53, API 5L, DIN 17175, etc. Brand: PS Steel Size Range:

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PS Steel Company Details:

PS is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of IBR pipes. Having been in the industry for a while, PS Steel has a significant emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality. They are well known for offering high-quality boiler pipes that meet industry and customer standards and needs.

PS Steel is a manufacturer and supplier based in Gorakhpur. Their dedication to quality is evident in their stringent quality control procedures, guaranteeing that their products constantly meet or surpass customer standards. They use cutting-edge production processes and highly qualified personnel to create IBR pipes that are precise, dependable, and long-lasting.

Being a client-focused Metal Materials of Steel business, we offer top-notch customer support and technical assistance. They collaborate closely with customers to fully grasp their unique needs before providing tailored solutions. PS Steel is renowned for its reasonable prices, prompt deliveries, and dedication to establishing enduring connections with its clients.

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Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Ps Steel is one of the leading manufacturers, stockiest, exporters, and suppliers of piping material catering to the energy sector, fasteners.