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Catalogue - PS Steel Stainless Steel and Fittings

We have got all types of metal products which are useful for any industry to make it. Some of them are such type of metal items, which you can deal through by contacting us from Ajmeri Gate or through online, no charge will be taken for this.

We have all types of pipe products which will make it easier for you to do pipe work. Cook main famous product we have are Stainless Steel Pipe, Ss Slot Pipes, Inconel Monel Raw Material, MS Pipe, Jindal Pipe, Ps Pipe, Steel Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Sheets, Ss Seamless Pipe, and Ss Pipe to name a few fittings

Stainless Steel Forged Tee

SS Stainless Steel Forged Tee​ | Ps Steel Delhi
SS Fittings

Barrels Nipple

Stainless Steel Barrels Nipple . Ps Steel Pipe Delhi
SS Fittings

Stainless Steel Reducing Elbow

Stainless Steel Reducing Elbow​ is a pipe fitting
SS Fittings

Stainless Steel Y-Strainer

Stainless Steel Y-Strainer​ Ps Steel Pipe Delhi.
SS Fittings

Socket Clamp

Stainless Steel AngleSocket Clamp
SS Fittings

TC Clamp

Stainless Steel TC Clamp​. Ps Steel Pipe
SS Fittings

TC Clamps

Stainless Steel TC Clamp​ is a pipe fitting | Ps Steel
SS Fittings

Three Valve Manifold

SS Three Valve Manifold​ | Ps Steel Delhi
SS Fittings

Inline Side Glass

Stainless Steel Inline Side Glass
SS Fittings

SMS Stainless Steel Union-Ps Steel

SMS Stainless Steel Union
SS Fittings

Anurag Valve

Stainless Steel Anurag Valve is a pipe fitting | Ps Steel
SS Fittings

SS Foot Valve

SS Foot Valve | Ps Steel Delhi
SS Fittings

Ps Steel Delhi Stainless steel products are versatile and durable materials used in various industries and applications. Here is a list of stainless steel products along with their details, descriptions, sizes, and types, and use all Products Related Information you can get from Ps Steel, so that you can best guidance and knowledge know about products, before buying. 

Stainless Steel Pipes and Fittings

Stainless steel pipes are hollow tubes made of stainless steel that is used for transporting fluids, gases, and other materials. These pipes are available in various sizes, shapes, and grades, depending on their intended use.

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe - Ps Steel

Stainless Steel: ASTM/ASME SA 312 GR. TP 304, 304L, 304H, 3095, 309H, 310S,

310H, 316, 316Ti, 316H, 316LN, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H, 904L.

Duplex Steel

ASTM/ASME SA 790 UNS NO: 31803/32760.

Carbon Steel

ASTM/ASME A53 GR. A & B, ASTM A 106 GR. A, B & C, API 5L GR. B, API 5L X42, X46, X52, X60, X65 & X70. ASTM/ASME A691

GR. A, B & C.

Alloy Steel

ASTM/ASME A 335 GR P1, P5, P9, P11, P22, P23, P91.

Cupro Nickel

70:30 & 90: 10

Aluminium Alloys

  • 2014, 2024, 5052, 5083, 5086, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6351, 7075.

Nickel Alloy

  • ASTM/ASME SB 161/8725/B730 UNS 2200 (NICKEL 200 & 201)
  • ASTM/ASME SB 165/8725/B730 UNS 2200 (MONEL 400 & 500)
  • ASTM/ASME SB 729/B464/B468 UNS 8020 (ALLOYED/ 20CB 3)
  • ASTM/ASME SB 423/B705/B704 UNS 8825 (INCONEL 825)
  • ASTM/ASME SB 167/B517/B516 UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600)
  • ASTM/ASME SB 444/B705/B704 UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625)
  • ASTM/ASME SB 622/B619/B622 UNS 10276 (HASTELLOY C276)
Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless steel tubes are similar to pipes, but they have a thinner wall and are generally used for structural purposes. They are also available in different sizes, shapes, and grades.

Ps Steel Pipe and Tube SS

Stainless Steel Sheets

Stainless steel sheets are flat, thin sheets of stainless steel that are used for a variety of purposes, including construction, industrial applications, and food processing. They come in different thicknesses, sizes, and finishes, such as brushed, mirror, or satin.

Stainless Steel Sheet
  1. Stainless Steel : Plates as per ASTM A240, Gr. TP 304, 304L, 304LN, 309, 3095, 309H, 310H, 316, 316L, 316H, 316LN, 316Ti, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H, 409, 410, 420, 430 etc.
  2. Nickel Alloy : ASTM/ASME SB 162 UNS 2200 (NICKEL 200), ASTM/ ASME SB 162 UNS 2201 (NICKEL 201), ASTM/ASME SB 127 UNS 4400 (MONEL 400), ASTM/ASME SB 463 UNS 8020 (ALLOY 20/20 CB 3), ASTM /ASME SB 424 UNS 8825 (INCONEL 825), ASTM/ASME SB 168 UNS 6600 (INCONEL 600), ASTM/ASME SB 409 UNS 8810/8811 (INCONEL 800/800HT), ASTM/ASME SB 443 UNS 6625 (INCONEL 625), ASTM/ ASME SB 575 UNS 10276 (HASTELLOY C276)
  3. Carbon Steel / Boiler-Quality Plates: As per IS 2062/ASTM A36, Gr A, B & C, IS 2002 Gr. 1 & 2 ASTM A516 Gr. 60 & 70
  4. Alloy Steel Plates: As per ASTM A387 Gr. 2, 9, 11, 12 & 22 in class 1 & 2 ASTM A204 Gr A & B, DIN 17175 Gr. 15M03 & 16M03 WITH IBR Test Certificate.
  5. Aluminum Alloys: 2014, 2024, 5052, 5083, 5086, 6061, 6063, 6082, 6351, 7075
  6. Range: 0.5 mm To 200 mm thick in 1000 mm to 3000 mm width & 2500 mm to 12500 mm Length available with NACE MR 01-75

Stainless Steel Plates

Stainless steel plates are thicker than sheets and are used for heavier-duty applications, such as construction and industrial machinery. They are available in different sizes, thicknesses, and finishes.

Plates Ps Steel Stainless Steel
  1. Size: Stainless steel plates come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small pieces suitable for jewelry-making to large plates used in construction and industrial applications. The thickness of the plates can also vary, with standard thicknesses ranging from 0.3mm to several inches.

    Types: There are several types of stainless steel plates, each with different compositions and properties. The most common types include:

Austenitic stainless steel plates: This type of stainless steel is non-magnetic and has excellent corrosion resistance. It is used in a wide range of applications, from kitchenware to aerospace components.
Ferritic stainless steel plates: This type of stainless steel has lower corrosion resistance than austenitic stainless steel, but it is magnetic and has good heat resistance. It is often used in automotive exhaust systems and appliances.
Martensitic stainless steel plates: This type of stainless steel is magnetic and has good hardness and wear resistance. It is commonly used in cutlery and surgical instruments.

  • SS Plates: Stainless steel plates are used in a wide variety of applications, including:
  • Construction: Stainless steel plates are used in construction for their durability and corrosion resistance. They are often used in bridges, buildings, and other infrastructure projects.
    Automotive: Stainless steel plates are used in automotive applications for their heat resistance and corrosion resistance. They are often used in exhaust systems and engine components.
    Kitchenware: Stainless steel plates are commonly used in kitchenware such as pots and pans for their durability and ease of cleaning.
    Medical Safty: Stainless steel plates are used in medical applications for their corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. They are often used in surgical instruments and implants.
    Industrial: Stainless steel plates are used in a wide range of industrial applications, including machinery components, tanks, and pipelines.


Stainless Steel Bars

Stainless steel bars are long, straight metal bars that are used in construction, industrial machinery, and other applications. They come in different shapes, such as round, square, and hexagonal, and are available in different sizes and grades.

SS Pipe Bars - PS Steel Stainless Steel Bars

Ps Steel Delhi Stainless steel bars are metal rods made of stainless steel that have high corrosion resistance and strength. Stainless steel bars are widely used in various industries due to their durability, versatility, and resistance to rust, corrosion, and heat.

Ps Steel bars come in various sizes, shapes, and types, including:

  • Round bars: These are the most commonly used stainless steel bars and are available in diameters ranging from 1/16 inch to 24 inches.
  • Square bars: These are bars with square cross-sections and are used for making components for machines, furniture, and automotive applications.
  • Flat bars: These are bars with flat surfaces and are used for making components that require a wide surface area such as machine parts and architectural structures.
  • Hexagonal bars: These are bars with six sides and are used for making fasteners and hardware components.

Ps Steel Catelogue Category

  1. Elbows: Used to change the direction of pipes or tubes.
  2. Tees: Used to connect three pipes or tubes at a right angle.
  3. Reducers: Used to connect pipes or tubes of different sizes.
  4. Couplings: Used to join two pipes or tubes together.
  5. Flanges: Used to connect pipes or tubes to other equipment or components.
  6. Valves: Used to control the flow of fluids or gases in a system.


Ps Steel Material Use In this Manufacturer Industry Stainless steel fittings are commonly used in various industries, including:

  1. Plumbing and HVAC systems
  2. Food and beverage processing
  3. Chemical processing
  4. Oil and gas industries
  5. Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  6. Dairy Milk Plant
  7. Marine and offshore industries.
  8. Petroiuam Plant

Ps Steel Generally stainless steel fittings are highly versatile, durable, and reliable components that provide excellent resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, making them ideal for use in various industrial applications.

Ps Steel Category

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