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Metal Weight Calculator

Metal Weight Calculator
Metal Supplier in Delhi- Manufacturer | Metal Weight Calculator

Metal Supplier in Delhi- PS Steel

PS Steel Stainless Steel: Established in 2008, this company supplies metal products such as Stainless Steel Pipe.
Stainless Steel Capillary Pipes

Ss Prime Quality Press Pipes
304ln Ss Pipe

Ss 304 Jindal Pipe
Ss Slotted Pipes
Ss 304 Jindal Pipe
SS Capillary Pipes
Ss Thin Size Pipe

Alloy 20 Rod
Inconel Monel Raw Material
Alloy 20 Rod
D2 Tool Steel
Inconel 600 Flange

Ss 304 Jindal Pipe
Ss Seamless Pipe
Ss 304 Jindal Pipe
Ss Seamless Boiler Pipes
Jindal Stainless Steel 321 Pipe

Ps Steel is one of the leading manufacturers, stockiest, exporters, and suppliers of piping material catering to the energy sector, fasteners.

Manufacturing the pipes

The pipes are manufactured using various processes such as seamless, welded, or extruded methods. Seamless pipes are made from a solid piece of metal and have no seams or joints. Welded pipes are made by welding together two or more pieces of metal. Extruded pipes are made by forcing metal through a die to create a specific shape.

Finishing the pipes: Once the pipes are manufactured, they may undergo a finishing process to improve their appearance or performance. This may include processes such as galvanizing, painting, or coating the pipes with a protective layer to prevent corrosion.

Quality control

Before the pipes are shipped to customers, they undergo a series of quality control tests to ensure that they meet industry standards for strength, durability, and performance.
A rigorous system of quality management is in place to ensure that each manufactured products conforms to International Standards of excellence.

Quality assurance is the threshold of all the activities and Stringent quality control measures are applied in its in-house facilities for forging, machining and heat treatment processes. We take pride in offering quality products, manufactured in conformity with International standards.

Contact With Us:

We have got all types of metal products which are helpful for any industry to make it. Some of them are metal items, which you can deal with by contacting us from Ajmeri Gate or online, no charge will be taken for this.

We have all types of pipe products, making it easier for you to do pipe work. Cook main famous products we have are Stainless Steel Pipe, Ss Slot Pipes, Inconel Monel Raw Material, MS Pipe, Jindal Pipe, Ps Pipe, Steel Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Sheets, Ss Seamless Pipe, and Ss Pipe to name a few fittings

If you are interested in seeing this product of ours, then you can easily contact us through any medium you can call Ps Steel or WhatsApp or order on our official site You can do it, and no charge will be taken.

Shipping and distribution

Once the pipes have passed quality control, they are packaged and shipped to customers or distributors who will sell them to end-users. The pipes may be transported by truck, train, or ship, depending on the distance and the quantity being transported.

Manufacturing the pipes, finishing them, conducting quality control tests, and shipping them to customers or distributors.

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