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SS Flanges Fitting Supplier In India

Select Stainless Steel Flanges Fittings:

  • Material: SS, GI, MS, CS Pipe
  • Schedule: SCH 5S, SCH 10S, SCH 40S, SCH 80S, SCH 160, SCH XXS
  • Nominal Size: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, etc.
  • Grades: 202, 304, 316, and Other Grade Available
  • Supplier Name: PS Steel
  • Outer Diameter: See the pipe size chart.
  • Wall Thickness: 0.109 inches (2.77 mm)
  • Inner Diameter: Calculated from OD minus (2 * Wall Thickness)
  • Length: 20 feet (standard)
  • Weight per Foot: See Weight per Foot Chart
  • Corrosion Resistance: Suitable for most environments
  • Connection Type: Threaded, Welded, etc.
  • Standards: ASTM A53, API 5L, etc.

Stainless Steel Flanges Flanges Supplier For Industrial Application | SS Flanges

Ps Steel is India’s top producer, distributor, and exporter of flange fittings made of metal. When constructing Stainless Steel Flange Fittings, our manufacturing staff ensures that all national and international quality standards are satisfied. Our superior flange fittings may be tailored to meet offshore structural requirements and have strong offer strengths.

Ps Steel is one of the leading manufacturers of fittings and flanges for industrial plants in India. We provide a large selection of high-quality flange fittings in any size, shape, or standard that the client requests. We also export our products. We provide over 100 industrial firms worldwide and ready-to-sell stock. Slip-on, Blind, Threaded, Socket Weld Neck, Long Weld Neck, Reducing Flange, and more are among the several types of flange fittings available.

Welded Buttweld Pipe Fittings:

Metallic Material, a 2008 Ps Steel established distributor supplier, manufactures a comprehensive selection of flange fittings. We are a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of many types of flange fittings. Furthermore, we offer solutions that are tailored to our clients’ requirements. Our Slip Flanges are widely used by many industries. To guarantee error-free Flanges Fitting, our staff members with the necessary qualifications closely monitor every action. Get the greatest deal on flange fitting and guarantee on-time completion.

Types of Flanges for Use Industrial Manufacturer:

Different types of flange fittings are often employed in a range of industries. In pipe systems, flange fittings such as slip, socket weld neck, long weld neck, reducing flange, threaded, blind, orifice, lap joint, RTJ, and others are frequently utilized. We provide a variety of grades, sizes, forms, and materials, including mild steel, alloy, and stainless steel, in stock for our flange fittings. We are acknowledged for being the biggest supplier of Forged Fittings as well.

We are a Stainless Steel Flanges Fitting Manufacturer and Supplier situated in Delhi, the capital city of India. We are the leading supplier of stainless steel flanges in India. Our company offers a wide range of related items in addition to flange fittings and other comprehensive product lines.

Stainless Steel Flanges | SS FLANGES | SS 304, 316, 202 CLASS

The round plates used in pipe machinery are called flanges. For two or more reasonably priced drawings, Steel Esteem A182 F304L SS Flange suspension provides a strong and flexible drawing connection. Standardized steel SS flange insulation parameters have been put in place to ensure SS flanges’ industrial applicability and interchangeability.

Information on the size and price of the SS Flange: As an illustration The size of the pipe that a steel flange is meant to fit is its nominal pipe size, or OD.

Flange Plant:

The Florida-facing contact surface—which is in touch with the gasket—turned out to be Florida steel. Raised face (FAF), ring-type joint (FF), and ring-type joint (RTJ) are examples of facing shells. The facing’s dimensions have an impact on gasket compatibility and sealing.

Size of Flange Thickness:

There is a predetermined gap between the fabric flange and the back side of the flame steel flange. Depending on the flange type and pressure class, ASTM A182 F304L SS Flange Fittings differ. Equipment that operates at high pressure uses moto flanges.

Flange Outer Diameter (OD):

It turns out that the flow chart’s outer diameter is also its entire diameter. ASTM A182 F304L SS The area needed for flange installation depends on its intended application, as flanges often have greater bolt sector diameters.

SS Metal Flanges The size of the bore or aperture where the equipment or pipe leaves the flow is shown by the flow chart’s interior diameter. Fit for stainless steel flange fittings should typically match the pipe’s internal diameter.

Stainless Steel Flange Structure:

General Pipe Steel Flanges are essential components in piping systems, used to connect different pipes, valves, pumps, and other equipment. SS Metal Flange Refrigerator in India. The metal flanges are made of glass steel, which provides excellent strength and resistance.

Metal SS Flange Company

In Application Steel Pipes and Specialty Metal Dealers in India If you are interested, you can contact us to get the latest price, we have the best interest for your needs.

Pressure Class/Rating:

SS pipes and tubes’ strength must be supported by the flanges. The 150 class, 300 class, 316 class, 600 class, 900 class, 1500 class, and 2500 class are significant quality structures. It turned out that the franchise class was franchised, and armies were formed.

About PS Steel and Flanges Fittings:

We are a reliable producer and supplier of pipe flanges made of stainless steel. P.S. Metal Supplier has years of experience in the stainless steel business and knows how important it is to satisfy customers while upholding strict quality standards. High-quality stainless steel 304 flanges that satisfy customer and industry requirements and standards are widely produced by our Material of Stainless Steel Flanges.

PS Steel is a manufacturer and supplier with branches and transportation centers in India. Their commitment to quality is evident in their strict quality control procedures, which guarantee that their products constantly meet or beyond Stainless Steel customer standards. Stainless steel 304 Flanges are manufactured with precision, dependability, and durability thanks to the use of highly skilled laborers and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

We are a customer-focused metal materials company that provides excellent customer service as well as technical support. Before offering tailored solutions, PS Flanges collaborates with clients to fully comprehend their unique needs. PS Steel is renowned for its affordable prices, prompt deliveries, and dedication to fostering enduring connections with its clients.

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Manufacturer & Stockist - Ps Steel Stainless Steel and Fittings

Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings

Manufacturer & Stockist - Ps Steel Stainless Steel and Fittings

Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


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