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SS U Bend Pipe Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier

SS U Bend Pipe Fittings Manufacturer
Items DetailsOptional and Type
Standards :
ASME / ASTM A213, ASTM A688 / A688M – 08, ASTM A803 / A803M, ASTM A556 / A556M, ASME SA556, ASME SA688
Brand :PS Steel Pipe Fittings
Grade :201, 202, 304, 304L, 309, 310, 316, 316L, 321, etc.
Size :5.50 mm O.D to 55 mm O.D
Dimensions:ANSI B36.19
Surface Finish :Polished and Pickled
Thickness :0.5 mm to 5.50 mm
Length :up to 12 Meters Leg Length
Type :Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel U Bend Pipe, Seamless U Bend Pipe, Mild Steel U Bend Pipe Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier

Type:Industrial Steel U Pipe Bend
2″NB TO 18″ NB. (Seamless & Steel Welded, Mild Steel)
Standard:ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28, MSS-SP-43
150 Class, 300 Class, 600 Class, 900 Class, 1500 Class, 2500 Class,
Thickness Schedule:
SCH10ss, SCH20, SCH30, STD SCH40, SCH60, XS, SCH 80, SCH 100, SCH 120s, SCH 140s, SCH 160s, XXS
DIN2527, DIN2566, DIN2573, DIN2576, DIN2641, DIN2642, DIN2655, DIN2656, DIN2627, DIN2628, DIN2629, DIN 2631, DIN2632, DIN2633, DIN2634, DIN2635, DIN2636, DIN2637, DIN2638, DIN2673
Coating / Surface Treatment
Anti-rust Paint, Oil Black Paint, Yellow Transparent, Zinc Plated, Cold and Hot Dip Galvanized
Connection TypeButtwelding Fittings and Forged Fittings Available
DimensionsANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28, MSS-SP-43
Usage/Applications Industrials
Water and Gas, Water Pipeline, Food and Beverages, Natural Gas, Electric Power, Pipe Projects.

Steel U Bend Pipe Fittings Inspection:

All Buttweld U Pipe Bends undergo testing and inspection in compliance with the fitting product standard ANSI B16.9, ANSI B16.28, MSS-SP-43and as specified in the Buy Request. Pressure testing or hydro-testing of Stainless Steel U Pipe Bends is required by the norm and must be performed with water containing. All welders in buttweld pipe fittings must be radiographed in line with the relevant ASTM Standard

PS Steel U Bend Manufacturer and Supplier for Industrial Construction but this is Important Processing but before we are Inspection of Material of Steel Pipe Fittings “U” Bend. The contractor or an approved independent inspector may evaluate and/or observe examinations and/or testing at our facilities. We are responsible for advising the supplier of the availability of products for inspection and testing.

Steel U Bend Pipe Fittings Applications:

SS Fittings U Bend Pipe Industrial Manufacturer is widely used in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance. PS Steel Stainless Steel Metal Materials for Fittings U Bend Pipes are also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where high sanitary standards are required.

Stainless Steel Fittings U Bend Pipe are high-quality sanitary Fittings U Bend Pipe Fittings U Bend Pipes made from food-grade stainless steel, suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Agricultural machinerySystemsManufacturing equipmentSolar panel supports
AgricultureDistribution pipelinesManufacturingSprinkler systems
Antenna mastsDrilling and wellMarine and ShipbuildingStructural Engineering
Automotive IndustryoperationsMine conveyanceStructural support
Automotive framesExhaust systemsMining and ExplorationTelecommunication
Boiler tubesExploration drillingOffshore structures
Tension and compression
Bridge constructionFire Protection SystemsOil and Gas Industrymembers
Building framesFire hydrant pipingPiling and foundationTransmission pipelines
Cable conduitsFood processingPower GenerationTransportation of liquids
Chemical andHVAC ductworkPower plant pipingand gases
Petrochemical IndustryHeat exchanger tubingProcess pipingWater Supply and
Chemical plantsHeat exchanger tubingRail TransportationDistribution
Chemical processingHeating, Ventilation, andRailway track supportWater mains
ConstructionAir Conditioning (HVAC)structuresWater treatment plants
Conveyor systemsIndustrial ProcessingRefineriesWind turbine structures

Steel U Bend Pipe Fittings Type and Size:

Fitting TypeSize Range (Nominal Diameter)
SS Pipe Fittings Elbow1/8″ – 48″
SS Pipe Fittings Tee1/8″ – 48″
SS Pipe Fittings Reducer1/8″ – 48″
SS Pipe Fittings Coupling1/8″ – 12″
Steel U Bend Pipe1/8″ – 12″
SS Pipe Fittings Cross1/8″ – 12″
SS Pipe Fittings Cap1/8″ – 48″
SS Pipe Fittings Union1/8″ – 4″
SS Pipe Fittings Nipple1/8″ – 12″
SS Pipe Fittings Flange1/2″ – 48″
SS Pipe Fittings Plug1/8″ – 4″
SS Pipe Fittings Bushing1/8″ – 4″

U Bend Pipe Fittings Size and Dimension:

Product Name:SS Pipe U Bend
Material:Stainless Steel
Brand:PS Steel
Size:Varies Customize
Radius:Varies Customize
Wall Thickness:Varies Customize
Angle:Varies Customize
Polished, Satin, or Brushed, Customize
Plumbing, Piping systems, Chemical industries, HVAC, etc.
Corrosion-resistant, High strength, Easy to install and maintain
Widely available in various sizes and angles
Conforms to industry standards and specifications

SS Tube Fittings U Bend

SS Pipe and Tube U Bend Fittings It includes all those items which are used in setting up an industrial plant. PS Steel which is in the name of PS STEEL, where you are sold all the items used in pipe and its U Bend Fittings, if you need it for industrial Sec. If you want to bring steel material then you can contact us. Our Materials are built on many business platforms and this is our official site, you will get to see all the items. Some platforms include JustDial P.S. Steel IndiaMart P.S. Steel, Export India SS Tube U Bend Fittings, Tradindia PS Steel Pipe and Tube U Bend Fittings. Like our items material are listed on the biggest platform but to know more you can contact us here, you will get better service and that too within 5 minutes working time.


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Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


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