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Stainless Steel 304L round bars fittings

SS 304L round bars fittings

Product Name: SS 304L Round Bars Fittings
Material: Stainless Steel (Grade 304L)
Shape: Round
Diameter: Customization
Length: Customization
Surface Finish: Bright, Polished, or Mill Finish, and Customization
Application: Construction, Manufacturing, Industrial, etc.
Features: High corrosion resistance, Excellent weldability, Good mechanical properties
Availability: Widely available in various sizes and lengths
Compliance: Conforms to industry standards and specifications

Description of Products:

PS Steel is an Exporter and Supplier of SS 304L Round Bars Manufacturer Fittings are specific components made from stainless steel grade 304L that are designed to be used with round bars. Here are some details and a description of these products:

Material:¬†SS 304L is a low-carbon variation of the stainless steel grade 304, known for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The ‚ÄúL‚ÄĚ in 304L indicates its low carbon content, which makes it more resistant to sensitization and intergranular corrosion.

Round Bars: Round bars are cylindrical bars with a circular cross-section. They are commonly used in various industries for structural applications, machining, and fabrication purposes.

Fittings: SS 304L round bar fittings are components that are specifically designed to work with round bars made from 304L stainless steel. These fittings ensure proper alignment, connection, and functionality of round bars in different applications.

Types of Fittings: The specific types of fittings available for PS Steel is an Exporter and Supplier of SS 304L Round Bars Manufacturer Fittings may include:

When selecting an is a Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of SS 304L round bars Industrial, factors to consider include the required bend angle, pipe diameter, wall thickness, material grade, pressure rating, and compatibility with the fluid or gas being conveyed. Consulting with a qualified engineer or referring to industry standards can help ensure the correct selection and installation of PS Steel Stainless Steel Bend Pipe Fittings Industrials for specific applications.

  1. Couplings: Couplings are fittings used to connect two round bars end-to-end, providing a secure joint.
  2. Flanges: Flanges are flat, circular fittings with holes in the center. They are used to connect round bars to other components or structures, often through bolting.
  3. End Caps: End caps are fittings used to close off the end of a round bar, providing protection and a finished appearance.
  4. Elbows: Elbows are curved fittings that enable changes in direction or angles in round bar assemblies.
  5. Tees: Tees are T-shaped fittings used to create branching connections with round bars.
  6. Reducers: Reducers are fittings that allow for a change in diameter or size between round bars.
  7. Crosses: Crosses are four-way fittings used to create intersections with round bars.

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PS Steel Stainless Steel 304L round bar fittings find applications in various industries such as construction, architecture, automotive, marine, and food processing. They are commonly used in structural frameworks, machinery, equipment, and other systems where round bars made from 304L stainless steel are utilized.

It’s important to consult with suppliers or manufacturers to get detailed information about specific Ps Steel 304L round bar fittings, as the available options may vary in terms of design, sizes, and specifications.

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Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


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