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Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule Chart

Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule Chart
SS Pipes Specification
Material:SS, GI, MS, CS Pipe
Schedule:SCH 5S
SCH 160
Nominal Size:1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, etc.
Grades:202, 304, 316, and Other Grade Available
Supplier Name:PS Steel
Outer Diameter:See the pipe size chart.
Wall Thickness:0.109 inches (2.77 mm)
Inner Diameter:Calculated from OD minus (2 * Wall Thickness)
Length:20 feet (standard)
Weight per Foot:See Weight per Foot Chart
Corrosion Resistance:Suitable for most environments
Connection Type:Threaded, Welded, etc.
Standards:ASTM A53, API 5L, etc.

Schedule Types of Steel Pipes 

Schedule 5S: This is a type of schedule characterized by its thin wall thickness, making it suitable for applications where light to moderate pressure is expected. It is often used in low pressure systems or where weight is a concern. You can get it from PS Steel on stock order.

Schedule 10S: Similar to Schedule 5S, Schedule 10S also has a relatively thin wall thickness. But it is more commonly used in applications that require handling moderate pressure, such as in water supply lines, pipeline systems and low-pressure industrial processes.

Schedule 40S: Schedule SS is one of the most popular and more demanded for pipes. It has a medium thickness that often keeps pipeline systems under control, providing good strength and pressure handling capabilities. Schedule 40S pipe can be used in a wide range of applications including general piping systems, construction and industrial processes. If you would like to discuss more with PS Steel, you can find different metal types called Mild Steel. ,Can be carbon steel,stainless steel, joint seamless steel.

Schedule 80S: Schedule 80S pipes are thicker than Schedule 40S and are therefore durable enough to be used in larger plants, providing higher pressure ratings and increased durability. If we talk about use then it is generally used in high pressure applications like oil and gas pipelines, chemical processing plants and steam systems.

Schedule 160: This schedule is thicker than Sch 80S, which is why it provides great strength, making it suitable for extremely high pressure environments. If you are into it, you will find push steel legs readily available. Schedule 160 pipes are used in specialty industries where intense pressure conditions exist, such as in some chemical processing or petrochemical applications.

Schedule XXS: XXS stands for “Extra Extra Strong,”  denoting exceptionally very thick pipe to handle extreme pressures. As the name suggests, it is used for great strength. Sch XXS pipes are used in critical applications where safety and reliability under very high pressures are paramount, such as in nuclear power plants or high-pressure steam systems. .

Application of Stainless Steel Pipes Schedule

Water and Fluid Transportation: SS pipes can be used in water supply systems, pipelines, and fluid transportation applications due to their corrosion resistance and durability. It is also suitable for the transportation of chemicals, acids, and other liquids because this work can be done only through steel pipes.

Oil and Gas Industry: Stainless steel pipes are used in oil and gas pipelines, refineries, and petrochemical plants for their corrosion resistance, ability to handle high pressure, and ability to withstand harsh environments.

Chemical Processing: SS pipes are important in chemical processing industries where they transport corrosive chemicals, acids, and solvents. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel ensures the integrity of the piping system.

Food and Beverage Industry: SS pipes are a perfect choice if you want to expand your food manufacturing business, as they are highly hygienic and suitable for food processing, beverage production, and pharmaceutical applications. If you want to buy pipe grade and quality, then it is very important to know it well.

Stainless Steel Pipe Schedule Chart PDF 

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Different types of stainless steel pipe:

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