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Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe

Schedule 40 Mild Steel Pipe

Steel Pipe Details

Material:Mild Steel
ASTM A106/A53, API 5L, DIN 17175, etc.
Brand:PS Steel
Size Range:
NPS 1/8″ – 36″ (DN 6 – DN 900)
Wall Thickness Range:
SCH 10, SCH 20, SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 160, XXS, etc.
Random, Double Random, Cut Length
Surface Finish:
Black, Galvanized, Bare, Oiled, Pickled, etc.
Grades:304, 316, 202 etc.
Plain End, Beveled End, Threaded, Coupling
Heat Treatment:
Normalized, Quenched and Tempered, Stress Relieved
Chemical Composition:
Steel, Manganese, Phosphorus, Sulfur
Mechanical Properties:
Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation
Testing and Inspection:
Hydrostatic Test, Ultrasonic Test, PMI, Visual, etc
Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Construction, etc.

The thickness of Schedule 40 Pipes in mm:

The nominal thickness for Schedule 40 pipes may vary depending on pipe size and material.
For a 1-inch Schedule 40 pipe, the thickness is approximately 3.68 mm. If you take other sizes in inches, then its thickness increases by approximately 33 mm for every inch. For example
For a 2-inch Schedule 40 pipe, the thickness is approximately 3.91 mm.

Schedule 40 Pipe Pressure Rating:

If we talk about these, the pressure rating for Schedule 40 pipes depends on the material and temperature. But for your information, generally, the pressure rating is around 150 PSI to 300 PSI for carbon steel pipe at ambient temperature.

SCH 40 Pipe Dimensions:

We now know that the dimensions of Schedule 40 pipes have been standardized based on nominal pipe size (NPS) and wall thickness. For example, you can take:
1-inch Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 1.315 inches and a wall thickness of 0.133 inches. If you increase the number of inches inside it, its diameter and thickness will also increase. As you can only under the desk
2-inch Schedule 40 pipe has an outside diameter of 2.375 inches and a wall thickness of 0.154 inches.

Schedule 40 Pipes Size Chart:

Here is a general size chart for Schedule 40 pipes:

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) Outside Diameter (OD) Wall Thickness (WT)

Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)Outside Diameter (OD)Wall Thickness (WT)
1/2 inch0.840 inches0.109 inches
3/4 inch1.050 inches0.113 inches
1 inch1.315 inches0.133 inches
1 1/4 inch1.660 inches0.140 inches
1 1/2 inch1.900 inches0.145 inches
2 inch2.375 inches0.154 inches
2 1/2 inch2.875 inches0.203 inches
3 inch3.500 inches0.216 inches
4 inch4.500 inches0.237 inches

Schedule 40 Line Pipe Weight:

So let us know about the pipes and how their weight is determined. You will understand this with the help of the example that PS Steel will provide you with the details of the pipes. The weight of Schedule 40 pipes depends on the material, length, and diameter. For example, 10 feet long 1-inch Schedule 40 pipe weighs approximately 2.28 kilograms per foot.

Schedule 40 Pipe Dealer:

PS Steel is the only manufacturer which is also a dealer and supplier of Schedule 40 pipes. For information regarding the same, it is advised to contact us directly or visit their official website for official information.
Schedule 40 Steel Pipe Price “Table Chart List for PS Steel”:

PS Steel usually provides price information for Schedule 40 steel pipes in its official price list or through quotations. If any kind of live chat is required to know the rates then that too can be done easily. It is advised to contact PS Steel directly for the most accurate and latest pricing information.
Nominal Pipe SizeOutside DiameterSchedule 5 SSchedule 10 SSchedule 20 SSchedule 40 SSchedule 80 SSchedule 160 SXXS        
3 MM1/8 inc10.3 mm1.2 mm1.24 mm1.24 mm0.28 kg1.5 mm0.331.73 mm0.372.410.47
6 MM1/4 inc13.7 mm1.2 mm1.65 mm1.65 mm0.49 kg2 mm0.582.24 mm0.633.020.8
10 MM3/8 inc17.1 mm1.2 mm1.65 mm1.65 mm0.63 kg2 mm0.742.31 mm0.843.21.1
15 MM1/2 inc21.3 mm1.65 mm2.11 mm2.11 mm1 kg2.3 mm1.072.77 mm1.273.731.624.751.947.472.55
20 MM3/4 inc26.7 mm1.65 mm2.11 mm2.11 mm1.28 kg2.55 mm1.522.87 mm1.693.912.25.562.97.823.64
25 MM1 inc33.4 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm2.09 kg2.55 mm1.943.38 mm2.54.553.246.354.249.095.45
32 MM1.1/4 inc42.2 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm2.7 kg3 mm2.93.56 mm3.394.854.476.355.619.77.77
40 MM1.1/2 inc48.3 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm3.11 kg3 mm3.553.68 mm4.055.085.417.147.2511.110.18
50 MM2 inc60.3 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm3.93 kg3 mm4.243.91 mm5.445.547.488.7411.1111.0713.44
65 MM2.1/2 inc73 mm2.11 mm3.05 mm3.05 mm5.26 kg4 mm6.815.16 mm8.637.0111.419.5314.9114.0220.39
80 MM3 inc88.9 mm2.11 mm3.05 mm3.05 mm6.45 kg4 mm8.375.49 mm11.297.6215.2711.121.315.2427.68
100 MM4 inc114.3 mm2.11 mm3.05 mm3.05 mm8.36 kg4.5 mm12.186.02 mm16.078.5622.3213.4933.5417.1241.03
125 MM5 inc141.3 mm2.77 mm3.4 mm3.4 mm11.57 kg5 mm16.86.55 mm21.89.5330.9715.8849.1119.0557.43
150 MM6 inc168.3 mm2.77 mm3.4 mm3.4 mm13.84 kg6.35 mm25.367.11 mm28.2610.9742.5618.2567.5321.9579.22
200 MM8 inc219.1 mm2.77 mm3.76 mm3.76 mm19.96 kg6.35 mm33.318.18 mm42.5512.764.6423.01111.2722.23107.92
250 MM10 inc273.1 mm3.4 mm4.19 mm4.19 mm27.78 kg6.35 mm41.779.27 mm60.3112.796.0128.58172.3325.4155.15
300 MM12 inc323.8 mm3.96 mm4.57 mm4.57 mm36 kg6.35 mm49.79.53 mm73.8812.7132.0533.32238.7625.4186.97
350 MM14 inc355.6 mm3.96 mm4.78 mm4.78 mm41.3 kg7.92 mm67.811.13 mm94.59      

Mild Steel 40 Pipe for Industrial:

Mild Steel Pipe and Industrial Pipe Product and Service Manufacturing Supplier in National and International Leval. Schedule MS is one of the most popular and more demanded for pipes. It has a medium thickness that often keeps pipeline systems under control, providing good strength and pressure-handling capabilities. Schedule 40S pipe can be used in a wide range of applications including general piping systems, construction, and industrial processes. If you would like to discuss more with PS Steel, you can find different metal types called Mild Steel. , Can be carbon steel, stainless steel, or joint seamless steel.

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