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Stainless Steel Metal SS Pipe Supplier in Gujarat

SS Pipe Supplier In India
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Product NameStainless Steel Pipes
SizeAll Sizes
Thicknessdiameter 1/8” thickness 1.725mm
MaterialStainless Steel
TypesRound, Square, Rectangular, Etc.
ColorWhite, Black, Steel
ApplicationPipeline Use and Water and Gas, Industrial Use

SS Pipe In Gujrat

SS Pipe Industrial Manufacturing is a type of sanitary pipe Pipes used in the food and beverage industry. PS Steel Stainless Steel Metal Materials for Pipes are designed to reduce the diameter of a pipeline and maintain a smooth and hygienic flow of fluid. Here are some key Products about this Metal Pipe and the Best Supplier and Exporters of Ps Steel:

Steel Pipe Specification Dimension Size:

SS Pipe Reducers Industrial Manufacturer is available in various sizes, ranging from 1/2″ to 12″ in diameter, with different lengths and thicknesses. PS Steel Stainless Steel Metal Materials for Pipes are available in both concentric and eccentric configurations.

Nominal Pipe SizeOutside DiameterSchedule 5 SSchedule 10 SSchedule 20 SSchedule 40 SSchedule 80 SSchedule 160 SXXS        
3 MM1/8 inc10.3 mm1.2 mm1.24 mm1.24 mm0.28 kg1.5 mm0.331.73 mm0.372.410.47
6 MM1/4 inc13.7 mm1.2 mm1.65 mm1.65 mm0.49 kg2 mm0.582.24 mm0.633.020.8
10 MM3/8 inc17.1 mm1.2 mm1.65 mm1.65 mm0.63 kg2 mm0.742.31 mm0.843.21.1
15 MM1/2 inc21.3 mm1.65 mm2.11 mm2.11 mm1 kg2.3 mm1.072.77 mm1.273.731.624.751.947.472.55
20 MM3/4 inc26.7 mm1.65 mm2.11 mm2.11 mm1.28 kg2.55 mm1.522.87 mm1.693.912.25.562.97.823.64
25 MM1 inc33.4 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm2.09 kg2.55 mm1.943.38 mm2.54.553.246.354.249.095.45
32 MM1.1/4 inc42.2 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm2.7 kg3 mm2.93.56 mm3.394.854.476.355.619.77.77
40 MM1.1/2 inc48.3 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm3.11 kg3 mm3.553.68 mm4.055.085.417.147.2511.110.18
50 MM2 inc60.3 mm1.65 mm2.77 mm2.77 mm3.93 kg3 mm4.243.91 mm5.445.547.488.7411.1111.0713.44
65 MM2.1/2 inc73 mm2.11 mm3.05 mm3.05 mm5.26 kg4 mm6.815.16 mm8.637.0111.419.5314.9114.0220.39
80 MM3 inc88.9 mm2.11 mm3.05 mm3.05 mm6.45 kg4 mm8.375.49 mm11.297.6215.2711.121.315.2427.68
100 MM4 inc114.3 mm2.11 mm3.05 mm3.05 mm8.36 kg4.5 mm12.186.02 mm16.078.5622.3213.4933.5417.1241.03
125 MM5 inc141.3 mm2.77 mm3.4 mm3.4 mm11.57 kg5 mm16.86.55 mm21.89.5330.9715.8849.1119.0557.43
150 MM6 inc168.3 mm2.77 mm3.4 mm3.4 mm13.84 kg6.35 mm25.367.11 mm28.2610.9742.5618.2567.5321.9579.22
200 MM8 inc219.1 mm2.77 mm3.76 mm3.76 mm19.96 kg6.35 mm33.318.18 mm42.5512.764.6423.01111.2722.23107.92
250 MM10 inc273.1 mm3.4 mm4.19 mm4.19 mm27.78 kg6.35 mm41.779.27 mm60.3112.796.0128.58172.3325.4155.15
300 MM12 inc323.8 mm3.96 mm4.57 mm4.57 mm36 kg6.35 mm49.79.53 mm73.8812.7132.0533.32238.7625.4186.97
350 MM14 inc355.6 mm3.96 mm4.78 mm4.78 mm41.3 kg7.92 mm67.811.13 mm94.59      

Steel Pipes Quality:

PS SS Pipe Reducers Industrial Manufacturer made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, such as AISI 304 and AISI 316L.

SS Pipe Reducers Industrial Manufacturers are used to connect pipelines of different sizes, maintaining a smooth and hygienic flow of fluid in the process. PS Steel Stainless Steel Metal Materials for Pipes are commonly used in applications such as milk processing, cheese making, yogurt production, and beverage production.

Application Supplier in Gujarat

SS Pipe Industrial Manufacturer is widely used in the food and beverage industry, where hygiene and cleanliness are of utmost importance. PS Steel Stainless Steel Metal Materials for Pipes are also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, where high sanitary standards are required.

Stainless Steel Pipe are high-quality sanitary pipe Pipes made from food-grade stainless steel, suitable for use in the food and beverage industry, as well as in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Agricultural machinerySystemsManufacturing equipmentSolar panel supports
AgricultureDistribution pipelinesManufacturingSprinkler systems
Antenna mastsDrilling and wellMarine and ShipbuildingStructural Engineering
Automotive IndustryoperationsMine conveyanceStructural support
Automotive framesExhaust systemsMining and ExplorationTelecommunication
Boiler tubesExploration drillingOffshore structures
Tension and compression
Bridge constructionFire Protection SystemsOil and Gas Industrymembers
Building framesFire hydrant pipingPiling and foundationTransmission pipelines
Cable conduitsFood processingPower GenerationTransportation of liquids
Chemical andHVAC ductworkPower plant pipingand gases
Petrochemical IndustryHeat exchanger tubingProcess pipingWater Supply and
Chemical plantsHeat exchanger tubingRail TransportationDistribution
Chemical processingHeating, Ventilation, andRailway track supportWater mains
ConstructionAir Conditioning (HVAC)structuresWater treatment plants
Conveyor systemsIndustrial ProcessingRefineriesWind turbine structures

SS Pipe in Industrial Milk Plant Clamp is a specialized clamp designed for use in the industry and other food processing applications. It is used to connect sanitary piping and Materials in operations, ensuring secure and leak-proof connections. Stainless steel, typically of 304 or 316 grade, is the primary material used for its construction due to its corrosion resistance and hygienic properties. clamps are available in various sizes, often featuring a tri-clamp or tri-clover connection, and they are designed to meet strict sanitary standards.

We are one of the most trusted stockists for offering the finest range of All Size Grades Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube Pipes, Duplex Steel, Steel ASTMS, and alloy Steel Pipes. Used in different industries for diverse applications, these pipes can be available in standard as well as customized dimensions as per the requirements of the clients.

Key Products List 

3 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe1 Inch Stainless Steel Pipe
ASTM A312 Stainless Steel PipesSchedule 5S Chromium SS Seamless Pipes
ASTM B36.19 Stainless Steel PipesSchedule 40 Super Ferritic SS Pipes
Austenitic SS Custom PipesSS Cold Drawn Pipes
Chromium SS Cold Drawn Seamless PipesAustenitic SS Precision Pipes
Chromium SS Square PipesSuper Austenitic SS Thin Wall Pipes
Ferritic SS PipesSS Seamless Pipes
Polished Stainless Steel PipeElectropolished Stainless Steel Pipe
SS Cold Drawn PipesCold Drawn SS Pipes
SS Seamless Precision PipesHigh pressure SS Pipes
Schedule 10 Stainless Steel PipeSchedule 40 Stainless Steel Pipe
steel pipe 20 feet 2 inch4 inch Ferritic SS Seamless Pipes
Stainless Steel Rectangular PipeStainless Steel Square Pipe
Super Austenitic SSRectangular Pipesjindal steel pipe 304
Super Austenitic Stainless Steel Round PipesMartensitic Stainless Steel Exhaust Pipes
Super Ferritic Cold Drawn Seamless PipesSS Electropolished Pipes

Stainless Steel 201/304/316/202 Square pipe Pipe

Size RangeWeight Kg / MetreThickness
Steel Pipe 20 X 2021.1
Steel Pipe 25 X 251.432
Steel Pipe 20 X 201.112
Steel Pipe 25 X 252.043
Steel Pipe 50 X 508.26
Steel Pipe 25 X 251.742.4
Steel Pipe 30 X 301.742
Steel Pipe 30 X 302.513
Steel Pipe 30 X 302.653.3
Steel Pipe 30 X 302.142.6
Steel Pipe 40 X 402.922.5
Steel Pipe 40 X 402.372
Steel Pipe 40 X 403.453
Steel Pipe 40 X 405.45
Steel Pipe 50 X 5032
Steel Pipe 40 X 404.464
Steel Pipe 50 X 503.712.5
Steel Pipe 50 X 505.72s4
Steel Pipe 50 X 504.39s3
Steel Pipe 50 X 506.975
SS Pipe 80 X 80810.5
SS Pipe 80 X 8035.34
SS Pipe 80 X 803.25.67
SS Pipe 90 X 903.66.34
SS Pipe 90 x 9046.97
SS Pipe 90 X 9058.54
SS Pipe 90 X 902.55.38
SS Pipe 90 X 9036.38
SS Pipe 90 X 903.57.35
SS Pipe 90 X 903.67.46
SS Pipe 90 X 9048.33
SS Pipe 90 X 90510.1
SS Pipe 100 x 100815.39
SS Pipe 100 x 1001019.13
SS Pipe 100 x 10037.32
SS Pipe 100 x 1003.58.35
SS Pipe 100 x 1003.68.59
SS Pipe 100 X 10049.48
SS Pipe 100 x 100511.7
SS Pipe 100 x 100613.8
SS Pipe 120 x 1206.314.4
SS Pipe 120 X 120817.83
SS Pipe 120 X 1201021.88
SS Pipe 120 X 12038.16
SS Pipe 120 x 1203.59.45
SS Pipe 120 X 1203.69.72
SS Pipe 120 x 120410.7
SS Pipe 120 X 120513.3
SS Pipe 140 X 140615.7
SS Pipe 140 X 1406.316.4
SS Pipe 140 X 140820.32
SS Pipe 150 x 1501025.53
SS Pipe 150 x 15039.1
SS Pipe 150 x 150412
SS Pipe 150 x 150514.8
SS Pipe 150 x 150617.6
SS Pipe 150 x 1506.318.4
SS Pipe 150 x 150822.9
SS Pipe 150 x 1501027.86
SS Pipe 160 X 1601233.44
SS Pipe 160 X 160414.5
SS Pipe 160 X 160518
SS Pipe 180 X 180621.3
SS Pipe 180 X 1806.322.3
SS Pipe 180 X 180827.9
SS Pipe 180 X 1801034.13
SS Pipe 180 X 1801239.94
SS Pipe 180 X 1801654.64
SS Pipe 180 X 180625.97
SS Pipe 200 X 200832.89
SS Pipe 200 x 2001041.15
SS Pipe 200 X 200418.3
150 x 150522.7
150 x 150627
150 x 1506.328.3
150 x 150835.4
150 x 1501043.47
150 x 1501253.48
150 x 1501665.05
160 X 160627.39
160 X 160836.9
160 X 1601046.88
180 X 180527.97
180 X 180633.36
180 X 180843
180 X 1801053
180 X 1801261.01
180 X 18012.565.3
180 X 1801681.3
200 X 200531.18
200 x 200637.09
200 X 200848

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube Types and Outside Dimeter and Dimension of Square Pipe and Polished Pipe and Other.

Product DescriptionDiameter Outside (in mm)Wall Thickness, (in mm)
Steel Round Pipe in Gujarat2mm – 920mm0.5mm-50mm
Steel Square Pipe in Gujarat12.5mm* 12.5mm to 290mm* 290mm0.5mm-50mm
Steel Rectangular Pipe in Gujarat05*20mm to 100*200mm0.5mm-50mm
Steel Colour Coated Pipe in Gujarat5mm to 650mm0.5mm-50mm
Steel Ornamental Pipess in Gujarat12.7mm to 76.2mm0.5mm-40mm
Steel Electropolished Pipess in Gujarat12.7mm to 250mm0.5mm-350mm
Steel Slot Round Pipe in Gujarat12.7mm to 76.2mm0.5mm-55mm
Steel Triangle Pipes in Gujarat16mm to 85mm0.5mm-45mm
Steel Hexagonal Pipes in Gujarat13mm to 85mm0.5mm-35mm
Steel Polished Pipes in Gujarat12mm to 100mm0.5mm-50mm
Steel U Shaped Pipes in Gujarat20mm to 200mm0.5mm-50mm
Thin-Wall Steel Pipes in Gujarat22mm*0.7mm to 108mm*2.0mm0.5mm-50mm
Internal/Outside Polished Steel Pipes, Pipes in Gujarat12.5mm to 203.2mm1.0mm – 5mm
Steel Capillary Pipes in Gujarat0.28mm to 10mm0.05mm – 5.5mm
Steel Seamless Pipes in Gujarat6mm to 430mm0.5mm – 25mm
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Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Ps Steel is one of the leading manufacturers, stockiest, exporters, and suppliers of piping material catering to the energy sector, fasteners.