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Manufacturer Round Steel Pipe Supplier in Ghaziabad

Steel Pipe Supplier in Ghaziabad
Steel Round PipesSpecification
Product NameStainless Steel Pipes
SizeAll Sizes
Thicknessdiameter 1/8” thickness 1.725mm
MaterialStainless Steel
TypesRound, Square, Rectangular, Etc.
ColorWhite, Black, Steel
ApplicationPipeline Use and Water and Gas, Industrial Use

Applications Best Metal Steel Pipe Supplier in Ghaziabad

Power Generation Industry:

Ps Steel Industrial Round Pipe are used in the power generation industry for their high-temperature resistance properties. SS Pipe Seller Ps Steel are used in boilers, steam generators, and other high-temperature applications and Industrial.

Chemical Processing Industry:

Metal Round Pipe are used in the chemical processing industry for their corrosion resistance properties. They are used in the transportation of chemicals, acids, and other corrosive materials.

Construction Industry:

Stainless Steel Round Pipe are used in the construction industry for their high strength and durability properties. We are used in building structures, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

Architectural Applications:

SS slot Round Pipe are commonly used in architectural applications for their aesthetic appeal. Ps Steel SS Pipe Supplier are used in building facades, staircases, handrails, and other decorative applications.

Industrial Applications:

Ps Steel Stainless Steel slot Round Pipe are also used in industrial applications for their strength and durability. SS Pipe Suppliers of PS Steel are used in conveyor systems, pipe racks, and other applications that require high strength and corrosion resistance.

Ps Steel Round Pipe are high-performance products that provide strength, durability, and corrosion resistance properties. PS Steel is available in various types and sizes to meet the requirements of different applications and is used in various industries across the world.

We are offering Additional Sizes Steel Pipe below:
  • 2.10 mm to 17.10 mm, 1/2″ (15NB) TO 4″ (100NB) Thickness
  • 3.4 mm to 21.95 mm, 5″ (125NB) TO 6″ (150NB) Thickness
  • Density 8″ (200NB) TO 14″ (350NB), measuring between 3.76 and 35.71 mm Density Thickness
Product TypesDiameter Outside (in mm)Wall Thickness, (in mm)GradesSCH
Steel Round Pipe Ghaziabad2mm – 920mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2025S to XXs SCH
Steel Square Pipe Ghaziabad12.5mm* 12.5mm to 290mm* 290mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2035S to XXs SCH
Steel Rectangular Pipe Ghaziabad05*20mm to 100*200mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2045S to XXs SCH
Steel Colour Coated Pipe Ghaziabad5mm to 650mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2055S to XXs SCH
Steel Ornamental Pipess Ghaziabad12.7mm to 76.2mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2065S to XXs SCH
Steel Electropolished Pipess Ghaziabad12.7mm to 250mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2075S to XXs SCH
Steel Slot Round Pipe Ghaziabad12.7mm to 76.2mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2085S to XXs SCH
Steel Triangle Pipes Ghaziabad16mm to 85mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2095S to XXs SCH
Steel Hexagonal Pipes Ghaziabad13mm to 85mm0.8mm-35mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2105S to XXs SCH
Steel Polished Pipes Ghaziabad12mm to 100mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2115S to XXs SCH
Steel U Shaped Pipes Ghaziabad20mm to 200mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2125S to XXs SCH
Thin-Wall Steel Pipes Ghaziabad22mm*0.7mm to 108mm*2.0mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2135S to XXs SCH
Internal/Outside Polished Steel Pipes Ghaziabad12.5mm to 203.2mm1.5mm – 5mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2145S to XXs SCH
Steel Capillary Pipes Ghaziabad0.28mm to 10mm0.5mm – 5.5mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2155S to XXs SCH
Steel Seamless Pipes Ghaziabad6mm to 430mm0.8mm – 25mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2165S to XXs SCH

SS Pipe Dimension and Thickness:

Size RangeWeight Kg / MetreThickness
Steel Pipe 20 MM0.511.1
Steel Pipe 25 MM1.132
Steel Pipe 20 MM0.892
Steel Pipe 25 MM1.6283
Steel Pipe 50 MM6.516
Steel Pipe 25 MM1.332.4
Steel Pipe 30 MM1.742
Steel Pipe 30 MM1.993
Steel Pipe 30 MM2.173.3
Steel Pipe 30 MM1.752.6
Steel Pipe 40 MM2.312.5
Steel Pipe 40 MM1.872
Steel Pipe 40 MM2.733
Steel Pipe 40 MM4.315
Steel Pipe 50 MM2.362
Steel Pipe 40 MM3.554
Steel Pipe 50 MM2.922.5
Steel Pipe 50 MM4.534
Steel Pipe 50 MM4.39s3
Steel Pipe 50 MM5.545
SS Pipe 80 MM17.9910.5
SS Pipe 80 MM9.835.34
SS Pipe 80 MM10.395.67
SS Pipe 90 MM13.086.34
SS Pipe 90 MM14.276.97
SS Pipe 90 MM17.158.54
SS Pipe 90 MM11.225.38
SS Pipe 90 MM13.156.38
SS Pipe 90 MM14.987.35
SS Pipe 90 MM15.187.46
SS Pipe 90 MM16.778.33
SS Pipe 90 MM19.910.1
SS Pipe 100 MM32.1115.39
SS Pipe 100 MM38.1519.13
SS Pipe 100 MM16.737.32
SS Pipe 100 MM18.878.35
SS Pipe 100 MM19.368.59
SS Pipe 100 MM21.169.48
SS Pipe 100 MM25.4711.7
SS Pipe 100 MM29.3313.8
SS Pipe 120 MM37.514.4
SS Pipe 120 MM44.9217.83
SS Pipe 120 MM52.9421.88
SS Pipe 120 MM87.558.16
SS Pipe 120 MM25.769.45
SS Pipe 120 MM26.439.72
SS Pipe 120 MM28.8410.7
SS Pipe 120 MM34.9913.3
SS Pipe 140 MM48.1215.7
SS Pipe 140 MM49.9916.4
SS Pipe 140 MM59.9720.32
SS Pipe 150 MM78.3625.53
SS Pipe 150 MM31.629.1
SS Pipe 150 MM40.8312
SS Pipe 150 MM49.3414.8
SS Pipe 150 MM57.4617.6
SS Pipe 150 MM59.7118.4
SS Pipe 150 MM71.7822.9
SS Pipe 150 MM83.9127.86
SS Pipe 160 MM104.3733.44
SS Pipe 160 MM52.0314.5
SS Pipe 160 MM63.0318
SS Pipe 180 MM83.3621.3
SS Pipe 180 MM86.7222.3
SS Pipe 180 MM104.6527.9
SS Pipe 180 MM122.7734.13
SS Pipe 180 MM137.9539.94
SS Pipe 180 MM168.9254.64
SS Pipe 180 MM98.6525.97
SS Pipe 200 MM135.5432.89
SS Pipe 200 MM161.241.15
SS Pipe 200 MM8218.3

Steel Pipe Specification and Schedule:

DescriptionSize RangeSpecificationGrade
SS Seamless Pipes/Tubes1/4″ NB to 16″ NBASTMA-312
TP-304, 304L, 316, 316L. 316T. 309. 310, 310S, 321, 202 etc
 SCH 5. SCH 10.ASTMA-213 
 SCH 80, SCH 160 SCH XXSASTMA-269 
SS. Welded Pipes / Tubes1/4″ NB to 20″ NBASTMA-312
TP-304, 304L 316, 316L, 316T, 309 310, 321, etc.
 SCH 5, SCH 10,ASTMA-249 
 SCH 20, SCH 40,ASTMA-269 

Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


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