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Manufacturer Stainless Steel Pipes Supplier In Ahmedabad

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube
Steel Pipes DetaislSpecification
Product NameStainless Steel Pipes
SizeAll Sizes
Thicknessdiameter 1/8” thickness 1.725mm
MaterialStainless Steel
TypesRound, Square, Rectangular, Etc.
ColorWhite, Black, Steel
Pipeline Use and Water and Gas, Industrial Use

Best Steel Pipe Quality Identity:

Steel pipes can be manufactured via a variety of procedures, including seamless and welded methods. Seamless pipes are made by piercing a solid billet; welded pipes are made by shaping a flat plate and welding the seam. Among the important varieties of steel pipes that are covered here are stainless steel, Mild Steel or Black Pipe galvanized steel, seamless steel, and welded steel.

Steel pipes offer mostly advantages, such as high strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility. when you need steel pipe you can purchase any of distributer but not anybody sale SS Pipe in best rate but Ps steel is trusted Manufacturer Company there you can can Deal and buy Best Price with Latest Update.

SS Pipe Dimension and Size List in Ahmedabad

Product TypesDiameter Outside (in mm)Wall Thickness, (in mm)GradesSchedule
Steel Round Pipe Ahmedabad2mm – 920mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2025S to XXs SCH
Steel Square Pipe Ahmedabad12.5mm* 12.5mm to 290mm* 290mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2035S to XXs SCH
Steel Rectangular Pipe Ahmedabad05*20mm to 100*200mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2045S to XXs SCH
Steel Colour Coated Pipe Ahmedabad5mm to 650mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2055S to XXs SCH
Steel Ornamental Pipess Ahmedabad12.7mm to 76.2mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2065S to XXs SCH
Steel Electropolished Pipess Ahmedabad12.7mm to 250mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2075S to XXs SCH
Steel Slot Round Pipe Ahmedabad12.7mm to 76.2mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2085S to XXs SCH
Steel Triangle Pipes Ahmedabad16mm to 85mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2095S to XXs SCH
Steel Hexagonal Pipes Ahmedabad13mm to 85mm0.8mm-35mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2105S to XXs SCH
Steel Polished Pipes Ahmedabad12mm to 100mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2115S to XXs SCH
Steel U Shaped Pipes Ahmedabad20mm to 200mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2125S to XXs SCH
Thin-Wall Steel Pipes Ahmedabad22mm*0.7mm to 108mm*2.0mm0.8mm-50mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2135S to XXs SCH
Internal/Outside Polished Steel Pipes Ahmedabad12.5mm to 203.2mm1.5mm – 5mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2145S to XXs SCH
Steel Capillary Pipes Ahmedabad0.28mm to 10mm0.5mm – 5.5mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2155S to XXs SCH
Steel Seamless Pipes Ahmedabad6mm to 430mm0.8mm – 25mmSS 304, SS 316, SS 2165S to XXs SCH

Stainless Steel Pipe Size list In Ahmedabad:

Size RangeWeight Kg / MetreThickness
SS Pipe 20 MM0.511.1
SS Pipe 25 MM1.132
SS Pipe 20 MM0.892
SS Pipe 25 MM1.6283
SS Pipe 50 MM6.516
SS Pipe 25 MM1.332.4
SS Pipe 30 MM1.742
SS Pipe 30 MM1.993
SS Pipe 30 MM2.173.3
SS Pipe 30 MM1.752.6
SS Pipe 40 MM2.312.5
SS Pipe 40 MM1.872
SS Pipe 40 MM2.733
SS Pipe 40 MM4.315
SS Pipe 50 MM2.362
SS Pipe 40 MM3.554
SS Pipe 50 MM2.922.5
SS Pipe 50 MM4.534
SS Pipe 50 MM4.39s3
SS Pipe 50 MM5.545
SS Pipe 80 MM17.9910.5
SS Pipe 80 MM9.835.34
SS Pipe 80 MM10.395.67
SS Pipe 90 MM13.086.34
SS Pipe 90 MM14.276.97
SS Pipe 90 MM17.158.54
SS Pipe 90 MM11.225.38
SS Pipe 90 MM13.156.38
SS Pipe 90 MM14.987.35
SS Pipe 90 MM15.187.46
SS Pipe 90 MM16.778.33
SS Pipe 90 MM19.910.1
SS Pipe 100 MM32.1115.39
SS Pipe 100 MM38.1519.13
SS Pipe 100 MM16.737.32
SS Pipe 100 MM18.878.35
SS Pipe 100 MM19.368.59
SS Pipe 100 MM21.169.48
SS Pipe 100 MM25.4711.7
SS Pipe 100 MM29.3313.8
SS Pipe 120 MM37.514.4
SS Pipe 120 MM44.9217.83
SS Pipe 120 MM52.9421.88
SS Pipe 120 MM87.558.16
SS Pipe 120 MM25.769.45
SS Pipe 120 MM26.439.72
SS Pipe 120 MM28.8410.7
SS Pipe 120 MM34.9913.3
SS Pipe 140 MM48.1215.7
SS Pipe 140 MM49.9916.4
SS Pipe 140 MM59.9720.32
SS Pipe 150 MM78.3625.53
SS Pipe 150 MM31.629.1
SS Pipe 150 MM40.8312
SS Pipe 150 MM49.3414.8
SS Pipe 150 MM57.4617.6
SS Pipe 150 MM59.7118.4
SS Pipe 150 MM71.7822.9
SS Pipe 150 MM83.9127.86
SS Pipe 160 MM104.3733.44
SS Pipe 160 MM52.0314.5
SS Pipe 160 MM63.0318
SS Pipe 180 MM83.3621.3
SS Pipe 180 MM86.7222.3
SS Pipe 180 MM104.6527.9
SS Pipe 180 MM122.7734.13
SS Pipe 180 MM137.9539.94
SS Pipe 180 MM168.9254.64
SS Pipe 180 MM98.6525.97
SS Pipe 200 MM135.5432.89
SS Pipe 200 MM161.241.15
SS Pipe 200 MM8218.3

People Ask Queries

  • What are SS pipe used for?

    Steel pipes are regularly used for transporting fluids and gases in industries such as construction, oil and gas, water treatment, and plumbing. Our SS Pipe and Tube are also utilized in structural applications, fencing, and as casing and tubing in wells.

  • How are SS pipe made?

    Steel pipes can frequently be manufactured using methods such as seamless or welded manufacture. Seamless pipes are manufactured by pressing a solid round steel billet, and welded pipes are made by welding steel plates or coils combined to form a Round shape.

  • What are the advantages of SS Pipe?

    Steel pipes offer numerous advantages, including high strength, durability, resistance to corrosion, and versatility. Our Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe making them suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

  • What are the types of Steel Pipe?

    Steel pipes come in various types, including seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, and carbon steel pipes. Each type has specific properties and applications, ranging from high-pressure environments to corrosive conditions.

  • is 20 Feet Steel Pipe?

    Proper maintenance of steel pipes 20 Feet involves measures such as regular inspection, corrosion protection, cleaning, and repair of any damage or leaks. Coating or lining the pipes Lenth in 20 Feet, implementing cathodic protection, and using corrosion inhibitors can help extend their lifespan.


Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


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