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Stainless Steel Sheet, Ps Steel Pipe Delhi

Select Stainless Steel Sheet:

  • Product Name: SS  Plates
  • Stainless Steel: Thin, flat metal sheets made of MS Steel
  • Grades: 304, 316, 430, etc.
    Thickness: Varies (e.g., 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, etc.)
  • (Width: 1m, 1.22m, 1.5m, etc.)
  • Length: 2m, 2.44m, 3m, etc.)
  • Surface Finish: 2B, BA, No. 4, No. 8, etc.
  • Applications: Construction, automotive, kitchenware, Pipeline, Gas, etc.
  • Features: Corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, durable
  • Packaging: Coils, bundles, or custom packaging options
Stainless Steel Sheet. Ps Steel Pipe Delhi.
Stainless steel sheet/plate is versatile and used in a variety of applications. It is primarily selected for its resistance to corrosion, longevity and formability. Ps Steel Pipe Delhi.
Stainless Steel Sheet
Ss Sheet
Ps Steel Stainless Steel Sheet is a standard specification for chromium and chromium-nickel stainless steel plate, sheets, and strips for general and pressure vessel application. Ps Steel Delhi.

Ps Steel Stainless Steel has been offering our clients a vast range of Sheets and Coils, that are offered in various specifications to our clients. Catering to the requirements of various industries, Our range is known for its corrosion resistance, durability & high tensile strength.

Our clients can avail us of Plates that are manufactured using high-grade stainless steel. This caster is to the requirements of various industries and is known for its attributes, such as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance & long life usage. Further, we also have the expertise to customize our range as per the requirements.

Description About SS Coils Sheet:

We have got all types of metal products which are helpful for any industry to make it. Some of them are metal items, which you can deal with by contacting us from Ajmeri Gate or online, no charge will be taken for this.

We have all types of pipe products, making it easier for you to do pipe work. Manufacturer main famous products we have are Stainless Steel Pipe, Ss Slot Pipes, Monel Raw Material, MS Pipe, Jindal Pipe, Ps Pipe, Steel Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Sheets, Ss Seamless Pipe, and Ss Pipe to name a few fittings.

SS Sheet Supplier

If you need special information about P.S. Mild Steel Chequered Sheets or other industrial components like coils, rolls, sheets, plates, etc., contact a trustworthy manufacturer or supplier in your region. Plates & Chequered Sheet will be able to provide you with full information about their industrial-use metal materials and assist you in selecting the appropriate fittings for your application.

Producing Steel Sheet, Plate that are accurate, dependable, durable, and of superior quality is made possible by these processes. In India, Ps Steel is a prominent producer, supplier, and warehouse of metal for fasteners, stainless steel pipe fittings, and chequered sheets. It caters to the dairy, energy, and other application industries.

Get in touch with a reliable manufacturer or supplier in your area if you require any specific information regarding P.S. Mild Steel Chequered Sheets or other industrial components such as coils, rolls, sheets, plates, etc. You can get comprehensive information on industrial-use metal materials from Plates & Chequered Sheet, and they can help you choose the right fits for your needs.


SS Plates and Sheet Size Details

Plate Size (Mtr)Size (foot)Size (mm)Thickness(mm)Weight (kg)
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×2440123.33
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.227.996
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.330.329
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.432.662
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.534.995
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.637.328
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.739.661
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24401.841.994
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×2440246.66
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24402.455.992
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24402.660.658
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24402.762.991
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24402.865.324
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×2440369.99
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24403.888.654
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24404.5104.985
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24404.7109.651
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24404.8111.984
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24405.6130.648
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24405.7132.981
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24405.8135.314
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24407.5174.975
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24407.8181.974
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24408186.64
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24409.5221.635
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×24409.7226.301
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244010233.3
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244011.7272.961
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244015.7366.281
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244018419.94
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244019.7459.601
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244022513.26
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244024559.92
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244025583.25
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244028653.24
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244030699.9
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244035816.55
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×244040933.2
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×2440501166.5
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×2440601399.8
SS Chequered Sheet 1.22×2.444’x8′1220×2440701633.1
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×60002.7190.852
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×60013.7261.538
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×60024.7332.224
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×60035.7402.91
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×60047.7544.282
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×60059.7685.654
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×600611.7827.026
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×600715.71109.77
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×600819.71392.514
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×600924.71745.944
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×601029.72099.374
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×6011352474.01
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×601239.72806.234
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×601349.73513.094
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×601459.74219.954
SS Chequered Sheet 1.5×65’x20′1500×601579.75633.674
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×6004376.992
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×6006565.488
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×6008753.984
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×60010942.48
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600121130.976
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600161507.968
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600201884.96
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600252356.2
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600302827.44
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600403769.92
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600504712.4
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600605654.88
SS Chequered Sheet 2×66’x20′2000×600706597.36

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Manufacturer & Stockist - Ps Steel Stainless Steel and Fittings

Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings

Manufacturer & Stockist - Ps Steel Stainless Steel and Fittings

Sold By: PS Steel Delhi 

Stainless Steel Pipe and Tube  Fittings


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