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Valve Dealers-Sant | Ps Steel Valve Dealers

Valve Dealers-Sant | Ps Steel Valve Dealers
Material: Stainless Steel (SS)
Size Range: 1/4 inch to 12 inches
Temperature Range: -20°F to 450°F (-29°C to 232°C)
Pressure Range: Vacuum to 1000 PSI (68.9 bar)
End Connections: Threaded, Flanged, Welded
Ball Type: Full Port or Reduced Port
Valve Operation: Manual, Automated (Electric or Pneumatic)
Seat Material: PTFE, RPTFE, TFM, Metal
Applications: Chemical processing, Water treatment, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, HVAC, and others

SS Ball Valve, also known as Ps Steel, stainless steel, and Fitting ball valve, is a type of valve that uses a stainless steel ball to control fluid or gas flow. It is commonly used in the dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and oil and gas industries.

Valves are mechanical devices that help control the movement of liquids, powders, and gases through tubes and pipes. Stainless Steel Valves are most commonly used in Oil refining, Marine Projects, and breweries.
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The size of an SS Ball Valve can vary depending on its application and use. It is available in a wide range of sizes, from small 1/4-inch valves to large 24-inch valves. The most common sizes are 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inches, and 3 inches.

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The dimension of an SS Ball Valve also depends on its size and type. Generally, it consists of a body, end connections, ball, stem, and handle. The dimensions of these components may vary depending on the valve’s size and design. However, most SS Ball Valves have a standard length of 2-5 inches, and the height may range from 3-10 inches, depending on the size of the valve.

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